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Spring Clean Up Edmonton

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Spring Clean Up Edmonton Edmonton

Weekly Lawn Service

Let Canada Yard Pro arrange a weekly lawn schedule for you, commonly the same day and time every week. The cuttings are bagged up and left behind to coincide with your waste collection day for curbside pick up.

Power Raking / Spring Cleanup

Start the growing season off right by giving your lawn our Power Rake / Spring cleanup service. Our crews commence using Backpack Blowers to blast out Winter Clutter and Leafs from your flower gardens, fencing and deck lines. (Keep in mind flower gardens having Bark Mulch or Wood Chips can only be lightly blown to prevent blowing out the Mulch or Chips) Afterwards, we go over your lawn with a Power Rake clearing away the upper layer of thatch this permits your grass to breathe and for water and Fertilizer to get into the ground not just be soaked up by the thatch layer. Then we hand rake the yard, bag all of the clutter and thatch. The last action is to give your lawn its first cut and trim this furthermore permits the lawnmowers to suck up all of the fine fragments leaving your yard with a restored and clean appearance. This is optimal occasion to over seed your yard due to the fact that the Power Rake has exposed the dirt were the lawn seed has to be to germinate. (Power Rakes do not scrap dead spots from dogs this must be undertaken by hand and is a separate service).

Lawn Aeration

We examine your entire yard with an Aeration machine that extracts core plugs of grass and soil. This system allows your yard to best soak up and hold on to moisture while lowering the number of times you will need to water. It is a great idea to combine this service with a Power Rake the Power Rake will fragment almost all of the Core plugs so that they are not everywhere in your lawn. We do not rake up core plugs they easily fall apart or a Power Rake will hasten the activity and bust them up straightaway.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawns demand a lot more than just water to be healthy and green. Canada Yard Pro utilizes our own Pure Grow TM. 100% Organic fertilizers that offer all of the important nutrients your lawn needs during the year.

We provide a seasonal solution that will leave your grass healthy and vibrant, and will prepare it to stay that way amid the winter time months. Canada Yard Pro believes we provide the most suitable fertilization solution at any cost.

Over Seeding and Pet Spot Repair

Over Seeding is a procedure of dispersing lawn seed throughout your lawn to improve the thickness of the grass. Pet patches should be scratched manually then a coating of top soil is put down and lastly they are reseeded. To make sure the Seed can sprout the customer ought to ensure the spots are properly watered until the new grass is established. Canada Yard Pro solely uses premium grass seed for each of these services.

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