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Q & A

Q: Does Canada Yard Pro have Liability Insurance?

A: Yes! Canada Yard Pro Ltd. carries a comprehensive general liability policy for $2 Million in coverage. Liability Insurance is important when choosing any contractor working on your property. If the contractor you hire causes damage to anything on your property, you should know you are protected vs. chasing an "uninsured contractor" for repairs or damages.

Q: Are Canada Yard Pro employee's covered by WCB?

A: Yes! Canada Yard Pro provides full Workers Compensation Coverage for all of our employees. Any contractor who is hired by you, as well as their employees should be covered by WCB, to prevent you the customer from being sued for an unfortunate accident that may occur on your property. Feel safe knowing that our employees are fully trained and fully covered.

Q: Is the fertilizer that Canada Yard Pro uses safe for pets?

A: Yes! Keep in mind that anything your pet eats out of its regular diet will make them sick, (ie: grass, banana peels, composting contents). For full details on our fertilization program, please visit:

Q: Does Canada Yard Pro pick up after pets?

A: No. We are in the lawn care business and would like to provide you with the best lawn possible. We try to cut your lawn on the same day every week unless weather or Holidays prevent it. Excessive pet debris will prevent our crews from being able to provide you with the lawn care service you are requesting. It will be at the discretion of the Crew Supervisor to provide service or skip the cut. Please note that you will still be charged for the visit should we not be able to provide service due to these circumstances.

Q: What happens if it rains on my scheduled service day?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. But, should it rain on your scheduled service day, you should know that your service will be done the very next day. This weather affects the whole week, not just one customer. We will not skip your cut, but we will be there as soon as the weather allows us to work, even if we work into the weekend.