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Lawn Mowing Calgary Calgary

Canada Yard Pro Calgary Lawn Mowing Calgary:

Lawn Mowing Calgary Calgary

Weekly Lawn Servicing

Let Canada Yard Pro arrange a weekly lawn schedule for you, quite often the same day and time every week. The clippings are bagged up and left to synchronize with your waste collection day for curbside pick-up.

Power Raking / Spring Clean-up

Begin the growing season off right by providing your lawn our Power Rake / Spring cleaning service. Our crews start using Backpack Blowers to blast out Winter time Clutter and Leafs from your flower gardens, fencing and deck lines. (Take note flower gardens with Bark Mulch or Wood Chips can only be lightly blown to avoid blowing out the Mulch or Chips) We then go over your grass with a Power Rake removing the upper covering of thatch this lets your grass to breathe and for water and Fertilizer to get into the ground not just be absorbed by the thatch layer. We then hand rake the grass, bag all of the clutter and thatch. The last step is to deliver your lawn its first cut and trim this additionally permits the mowers to suck up all of the fine debris leaving your lawn with a fresh and tidy look. This is the most ideal occasion to over seed your yard because the Power Rake has exposed the soil were the grass seed needs to be to germinate. (Power Rakes do not scratch up dead spots from pets this must be undertaken manually and is a separate service).

Lawn Aeration

We examine your entire lawn with an Aeration machine that extracts core plugs of grass and soil. This activity allows your lawn to better absorb and preserve water while diminishing the amount of times you will need to water. It is a great approach to pair this treatment with a Power Rake the Power Rake will bust up many of the Core plugs so that they are not all around your lawn. We do not gather up core plugs they naturally dissolve or a Power Rake will speed up the process and fracture them up right away.

Lawn Fertilization

Lawns need more than just water to keep healthful and green. Canada Yard Pro uses our own Pure Grow TM. 100% Organic fertilizers that deliver all the crucial nutrients your grass needs throughout the year.

We deliver a seasonal solution that will leave your lawn healthy and vibrant, and will prepare it to remain that way throughout the cold months months. Canada Yard Pro believes we have the most suitable fertilization system at any price.

Over Seeding and Dog Patch Repair

Over Seeding is a procedure of dispersing lawn seed all over your lawn to improve the density of the grass. Dog patches need to be scratched up manually then a layer of top soil is set down and finally they are reseeded. To make sure that the Seed has the capacity to sprout the homeowner should make sure the spots are well watered until the fresh grass is developed. Canada Yard Pro solely makes use of premium grass seed for each of these services.

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